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Chat bot

WHAT WE DO We have experience in deploying chatbots for many large customers in the e-commerce and telecommunications sectors in Japan, Myanmar and Vietnam with the main goals such as Create a customer care botchat replacing existing people in multi platforms (Facebook, website) Improve customer care service quality, save costs for customer care Towards AI […]
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Dedicated Development Teams

WHAT WE DO If your answers are “ Yes”, the Dedicated Team model might be a good fit for you. At your request, we will pick the best-suited members, and help you build up and manage your new development team. Do you want to scale quickly to meet your bussiness goal? Do you want to […]
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Website Application Development

WHAT WE DO TOPRATE offers distinst and secure web application development solutions matching customer’s business strategies and requirements. Our talents members use cutting edge technologies, proper framework, and proven methodologies to ensure that our solutions are future-ready and scalable. Bespoke Web apps: from SPAs (Single Page Application) to PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) Digital Commerce & […]
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Mobile Application Development

WHAT WE DO With nearly 12 years of experience in Mobile Application development, we understand that successful mobile app development relies on a deeply understanding and execution of key functionality: comprehensive design UI/UX, agile development, testing and post-launch support. Our experts use updating technologies, advanced architecture and proven methodologies to ensure that our solutions are […]
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Elearning System

WHAT WE DO We provide a specialized online training solution with many useful features for all users such as teachers, students and school administrators. The system supports most forms of learning such as Livestream, live session, video Curriculum management, lectures, tests Learning results, classroom operations. Elearning Provide your a unique solution for elearning system Ecommerce […]
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Ecommerce Platform

WHAT WE DO Build ecommerce website with powerful technology Elearning Provide your a unique solution for elearning system Ecommerce Build e-commerce website with powerful technology Logistics Developing a system with a deep understanding of the transport industry. Contact 20th Floor, IDMC Building, My Dinh, Ha Noi 0346673336 0906235981 [email protected]
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Logistics Platform

WHAT WE DO Full-fledged logistics solutions to solve middle-mile, last-mile headache and reduce the hassle of planning to length of few clicks. Our services include but are not limited to: Last mile delivery apps Tracking and monitoring tools Dispatch & management systems Planning optimization solution Warehousing (inbound, inventory, outbound) solutions Personal Care Super Support Guaranteed […]
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